Monday, October 3, 2016

Day of the dishwashers...

Day of the dishwashers...  That would be today, for me.  This morning I head down to Ogden to pick up our new dishwasher.  It arrived at last!  We had arranged to have it delivered to our house, but on Friday when they called and said it had arrived – they also told us they couldn't deliver it until October 13th.  Yikes!  We've been without our dishwasher too long, and we're tired of hand-washing them.  So I decided to just go down and get it myself.

Once I have it safely here (probably around 11 this morning), then the real fun begins.  First I have to carefully remove some trim strips from the cabinetry around the existing dishwasher.  Then I shut off power to the kitchen, turn off the water to the sink, pull out the old dishwasher, and disconnect its water supply, drain connection, and electrical supply.  The old one I'm hauling out to the dumpster where I'll dump it ignominiously.  Then I will unpack the new dishwasher, connect it to the drain, water, and electricity, and re-install the cabinetry trim strips.  I'm guessing it will take two or three hours, assuming I don't have to run to Lowe's for parts. :)

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