Thursday, September 29, 2016

Our little household is very somber tonight...

Our little household is very somber tonight...  Miki, our 10 year old field spaniel, has gone missing.  He was in our fenced back yard this morning, with our three other dogs – but when we went to round up the dogs at about 11 am, he was gone.  We've searched the neighborhood, notified all our neighbors, put up a notice at the Paradise post office, hollered until we're hoarse, notified the local vets, humane society, and animal control.  No sign of him at all, at least not yet.

We're completely baffled by this.  Of all our dogs, he's the least likely one to even try to get out of the yard.  Race, our border collie, would be the likely suspect for that.  Miki is old and lazy; taking a nap in the sun is more his style.  The ground is soft and muddy right now, so I looked at the entire fence perimeter trying to find the place where he escaped.  Nothing.  There's no sign at all of where or how he got out.  Furthermore, even if he did get out, he most likely behavior he'd exhibit is to run to the front door and bark.  We also can't imagine that someone came and took him – with three other younger, prettier dogs right there with him.  Not to mention that all four dogs would have raised quite a stink should someone ever have tried that!

So we're stuck here without being able to understand what happened, how it happened, or where on earth poor Miki might be.  All we can hope for is that he's safe somewhere, and eventually someone contacts us about him...

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