Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dead bug hack...

Dead bug hack...  Oh, I've done a lot of these – but all quite a long time ago now.  This is from a series of (excellent geekery) articles by Ken Shirriff on restoring a vintage Xerox Alto computer, currently dead but slowly coming back to life.

The part involved here (a 7414 TTL hex Schmitt trigger inverter) was one I used a lot in my own designs – the Schmitt trigger was very handy for cleaning up noisy signals.  However, that meant that typically this part was more exposed than any others to the hazards of that pesky real world – so I saw more failures in them than in any other part.  I often used no more than 4 of the 6 inverters in any given design, precisely to allow repair via a dead bug hack.  So this photo looked very familiar! :)


  1. I think of sockets as an advanced technique for introducing intermittent failures :)