Thursday, August 25, 2016

I must be a fool...

I must be a fool...  I keep thinking that at some point, the 2016 presidential election will reach peak insanity, and start moving toward something more like a “normal” election (whatever that is – I can't remember any more!).  The events of the past couple of days have proven me wrong once again.  At this point, it's trite to observe that this election is so implausible that Hollywood would never accept it as a script – but I'll observe it nonetheless. 

So now I'm pondering the notion that there will be no peak insanity; that the wackiness and implausibility quotients will just keep moving inexorably higher.  That leads me to wonder what could possibly come next?  Some things that occur to me:
  • Clinton announces that she plans to appoint Bill to the Supreme Court
  • Trump reveals that his favorite dish is roast puppy
  • Wikileaks dumps 10,000 emails between Putin and Clinton, containing details of their planned secret alliance
  • Carville accuses Trump of planning to turn the White House into a hotel, and Trump says it's a great idea
  • Clinton seeks to allay concerns about her health by walking up the Capitol stairs, trips, suffers a concussion and complete amnesia
  • Trump announces that he's had a blast, but is no longer interested in running for president (never was, actually)

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