Monday, August 1, 2016

Giving her stuff away...

Giving her stuff away...  Before my mom left Virginia, she gave away many of her belongings (or arranged for them to be given away when she was gone).  One of the things she gave away was her painting supplies.  For quite a few years, mom took lessons and painted (in oil or acrylic, not water paints to my knowledge).  Many of these paintings were gifts; others hung in her home. 

She still had all the supplies until early this year, when she discovered that Hannah D., the young daughter of her neighbor in Virginia, was taking up painting.  Mom gave her a big pile of supplies, including brushes, palettes, and a great collection of paint.  Mom got to see the first painting that Hannah did, but not the second (above).  She'd have loved this one: hummingbirds, penstemon, and lots of bright colors.  And she'd especially have loved the fact that Hannah was making good use of her gift.

Thinking of you, mom.  Every day...

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