Tuesday, July 26, 2016

This just may be...

This just may be ... the single worst set of assembly instructions I've ever encountered.  For a couple of hours this morning, I assembled a 48" diameter round table that we recently purchased to go on the new deck we're building.  This one-page instructions were the only help packed in the box.  There were 10 metal castings (only 4 of which are on the diagram), 16 bolts, 16 flat washers, 16 lock washers, and 16 nuts – and this one sheet.

It wasn't all that hard to figure out where each part went, but the fact that they needed to be assembled in a particular order wasn't so obvious.  I made several false starts before I finally figured it out.  I've been spoiled these last few years with “kits” that were easy to assemble and came with assembly excellent instructions.  This kit was neither.  I had to modify several of the parts before they'd assemble correctly: one needed to be slightly bent, and two needed holes drilled out slightly before the bolts would fit in them.

On the other hand, the finished table is very nice.  The castings are all of solid aluminum, strong and relatively lightweight.  The entire thing is beautifully finished.  I'm happy with the end result, but not so thrilled with how I got there :)

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