Friday, July 1, 2016

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  Jim Johnson and his crew were here early this morning, loading up the first (and heaviest) of the two big chunks of our former front porch.  He guesses that this chunk weighs in at two to three tons.  It took several attempts to figure out how to get it onto his dump trailer.  First they tried lifting it with the backhoe, but it couldn't raise the block entirely off the ground.  Then they turned the tractor around to use the bucket, which just barely lifted the block off the ground.  Another 100 pounds and I'd bet they couldn't have done it.  The photos below show the whole process.  That chunk was so heavy that we were worried about the chains breaking; luckily they didn't.

Today the construction crew is hoping to get the concrete forms in place for the sun room foundation and new casements.  Those forms are going to be a bit tricky, as the sun room isn't a nice rectangle – instead it has seven sides all at 30° angles from each other.  I'm curious to see how they do that!

My office is a lovely, cool, 70°F right now, even though it's already warming up outside.  I can't hear the air conditioner working at all.  I love my new air conditioner!

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