Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day, fellow U.S. citizens!

Happy Independence Day, fellow U.S. citizens!  For the past few weeks, every time I meet a kid around here I've been asking them if they know why we celebrate on the Fourth of July.  Out of about a dozen kids, only one didn't know the reason, and she was only about 8 years old.  All the rest knew it was Independence Day, and even that it was the day we declared our independence from England.

Something tells me that if I were to make the same (highly unscientific) survey in San Diego, the results would have been much different...

Update, just a few minutes later: reader, friend, former colleague, and Idaho mogul-of-everything Doug S. sent me this video.  It was made in San Diego, and it shows that my intuition above was ... totally correct.

Thanks, Doug.  I think...

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