Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  The field in the photo at right is our south alfalfa field, just after it was baled (on the first cutting of the year).  Those bales are more than twice as close together as the best cutting last year (the last one).  Scott N., the fellow who leases the field from us, is indeed a happy fellow.  All of the fields he leases are producing at a high level this year, but he tells me that our field has the highest yield per acre of all of them.  He's not sure why, but he's absolutely positive that he likes it :)

For about a week now, we've had the two puppies in separate crates.  They often bark at each other across the 3 feet or so that separates them.  It occurred to me (just) today that perhaps if they couldn't see each other, they would fuss at each other less.  So today I tried draping a blanket across the end of one crate (Cabo's) – and it seems to work!  Debbie reports much less barking today.

I've spent a few hours today dealing with bills, trying to straighten out the air travel mess from last month (when I canceled some flights, added some, and rescheduled others, and changed all sorts of things – all by phone, so no paper records).  I think I finally got through it all.  Sheesh...

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