Sunday, June 5, 2016

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  It is so good to have Debbie home!  As I write this, she is perched in a recliner in our dining room, pillow under her feet and a blanket over them, with a view out to our bird feeders through a bay window.  Her iPad is in hand, and she's smiling and good for a bit while I work out in my shed office.  We fed the puppies together this morning, and she got to pet Miki and Race.  Jahar is curled up alongside her at night (or whenever she's in bed).  A home physical therapy guy showed up yesterday for her first session, and he was very impressed with how well she was maneuvering, considering the surgery was just 12 days ago.  Her experience helps here, even thought the fact that both her knees are locked is new and different.

Not much to report on my mom.  She's still in the hospital, and still having some confusion.  I'm headed up this morning, hoping to catch her doctor on his rounds.  At this point we can't help worrying that she won't get past this confused mental state, and will have to be admitted to a nursing home instead of the independent living setup she moved into out here.  Despite all that's happened, she is still happy – sunny, even.

A friend sent me an email on Friday that I've reread it about ten times.  I'm not going to share it (as I'd be embarrassed by his compliments), but I'll tell you that it was exactly what I needed at that moment.  I had a very emotional reaction to reading it that took me completely by surprise.  Good therapy, friends are...

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