Saturday, June 11, 2016

Of friends and raspberry pie...

Of friends and raspberry pie...  The first friends we made up here, just over two years ago, were Bruce and June N.  They were the realtors who helped us find our home here, and since then have become good friends.

Yesterday Bruce was driving home (they live just south of us, in Avon) from Ogden, a route that takes him past Maddox Restaurant.  Knowing that we love fruit pies, he stopped in and got a raspberry cream pie for us.  Usually fruit pies from restaurants are ... less than spectacularly good, but Maddox is a standout exception.  Many of their fruit pies are made only when the local fruit is in season, and that's the case with their raspberry cream pie.

Last night we'd already eaten when Bruce showed up with the pie, so it went into the refrigerator.  Today we just ate our lunch, and we each had a nice slice of that pie for our dessert.  Heaven in our mouths, it was.  I don't know how one could get more intense raspberry flavor than that pie.  The cream filling and whipped cream on top just added to the overall decadence.

Oh, man, that was good!

When my mom first got to Utah a couple of weeks ago, Bruce and June were the first local friends of ours to visit with her.  Mom greatly enjoyed meeting them, and experiencing a heavy dose of Utahan niceness; Bruce and June likewise enjoyed meeting this character from New Jersey.  Bruce told me afterward that he was really looking forward to getting to know mom better.

Bruce didn't know that mom had died, so yesterday afternoon when we told him, he was quite shocked.  When he and June visited mom, just 10 days ago, she was energetic and brimming with vitality; there was no indication of someone near the end of their days.  After he recovered his own composure, he was full of compassion and sympathy for us.  We had a warm conversation about mom, losses of loved ones, the trials and tribulations of life, and more.  It was one more manifestation of the reasons why Debbie and I feel so very lucky to have joined the community here...

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