Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  It was a long, hard day's work today, with my brother Scott helping.  We moved tons (literally, I think!) of stuff from the house to my new office in the shed.  That huge pile in the middle of the photo at right, along with some more stuff that I couldn't fit into the camera, all got moved today.  The items we moved came from all three levels of our house, so there were a lot of stair traversals involved.  In the shed we used my electric hoist to haul all this stuff the 14 feet up into the second story.  I was very grateful for that hoist during all this work, as the only thing we had to hump up the stairs was our own decrepit bodies.  There were several individual pieces we moved that were heavy and awkward (my big printer and our shredder, especially) that Scott's muscles came in very handy for!

After we finished moving all this stuff, Scott and I worked together to get Debbie's exercise bicycle out of our first floor living room, and placed next to her treadmill upstairs.  She was quite happy about that :)

After that we had a magnificent “lupper” made from scratch by Debbie: angel's hair pasta with a veggie-rich tomato sauce and shrimp.  Scott ate enough for several people, but unfortunately something about it (probably the acidic tomatoes) didn't agree with him.  His digestive system was complaining loudly.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that we kept all the leftovers, instead of sending a truckload home with him.  Yum!

We finished off our day with a lovely drive down to Porcupine Reservoir, which Scott had never seen before.  We all enjoyed that drive, which is very pretty this time of year.  We took Miki and Race with us, and Race got to swim in the reservoir – boy was he happy!

I'm going to do something a bit less strenuous tomorrow, assuming I don't sleep through the day...

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