Thursday, May 5, 2016

Excellent customer service alert!

Excellent customer service alert!  Last year we bought two products from Enclume for the fireplace in our house: a fireplace tool set and a log rack.  Both were beautifully made, sturdy, and attractive.  Furthermore, they were well-packed and easy to assemble.  So when the time came a month or so ago to buy accessories for my new office's wood stove, I bought the same two again.  This time, however, the fireplace tools were missing one of the six very special decorative button-head screws that hold it all together.

One stupid screw.  This would be a great test of customer service.

I called their number, easily found on documentation that came with the product.  A very pleasant woman picked up on the second ring.  Not “Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish...” or “Press 1 for new orders, 2 for payments...”.  Nope.  A real person, and nice to boot.  She asked what I needed – and proceeded right then and there to work with me to identify the right part and take my shipping information.  She assured me that the part would go out in that day's mail (that was Monday).  Well, yesterday the part showed up as promised.  The right part.

Awesome customer service, Enclume!  Thank you, from a happy customer...

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