Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  I've been working out in my new office in our shed, wiring up network connections and power.  Today I got one 30 amp circuit wired up, terminating in a two-gang duplex outlet box (the blue box in the photo at right).  This will power four 12 outlet power strips like the one that's visible in that same photo.  Two of those power strips are wired up now.  I'm pretty sure I'll be able to finish all the power strips and the second 30 amp circuit tomorrow.  Worst case it will take me part of Friday.

Yesterday Debbie made us a delicious late lunch: BLTs.  But these were no ordinary BLTs, no siree.  The bacon was Daley's applewood-smoked bacon.  The tomatoes were ripe, delicious Utah tomatoes – grown in a hot house, but excellent nonetheless.  The lettuce was crisp.  There were three slices of smoked gouda cheese.  The roll was fresh from Macey's bakery, a green onion and asiago cheese thing of wonder.  And then we had Duke's mayonnaise on it.  Best BLT evah!  Added bonus: the house smelled great for hours afterwards.

This evening we went for a drive out toward Ant Flats, in the FJ Cruiser with Mike and Race riding in back.  At first we didn't see very much wildlife – not even a single deer on the way in.  Then near where we turned around, we saw a golden eagle hunting up on a ridge to our east.  We stopped at a fishing spot that was unoccupied, and let the dogs out.  Race jumped into the stream with great joy, chasing down a stick (Debbie got video; I'll post it once I've got it).  When they jumped back into the FJ, we were almost overwhelmed by the perfume of wet dog :)  Then on the way back home we (finally!) saw several deer, about a dozen all together, in three groups.  The dogs were very happy :)

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