Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  While we were driving on our trip Sunday, it occurred to me that I had my priorities on getting my office in the shed completed slightly out of order.  I've been working on getting the heating system working, so that it can't freeze in the office (having my computers and other electronics frozen is not a good idea!).  But ... there's no frost anywhere in the forecast now, and most likely there won't be any until next winter.  The shortest path to a functional shed office right now would therefore be to get the network and power rigged up.

So yesterday I put the heating system work aside for the moment, and started on the networking and power.  The network had already been run to a point just outside my office, so all I had to do to complete that was to put a pair of network jacks on my office wall and run short stubs out the other side.  That's now done. 

Now I'm in the middle of installing power strips and wiring up circuits.  Some time ago I'd located some really nice quality power strips: 4' long, all metal, a built-in 15 amp circuit breaker, and 12 three-prong outlets, each rated 15 amps individually.  I bought eight of these, two for each of the walls inside my office.  I'm now in the middle of installing these 24" off the floor, where they should be invisible once I have tables and workbenches installed.  I'm installing them in two groups, each with four power strips plugged into a two-gang duplex outlet.  Each of those will be on its own 30 amp circuit. 

This will give me a very well-protected power supply for the office.  Starting at the meter, there's a 150 amp main breaker, then a 50 amp sub-box breaker, a 30 amp outlet box breaker, and finally the 15 amp breaker on each power strip.  If I have some sort of malfunction, one of those things had better blow!

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