Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Paradise ponders, take three...

Paradise ponders, take three...  So much happening today!  After our goose adventures (I was right - those baby birds have been identified as Canadian goose goslings), I went back out in the barn and finished up all the work on the first floor.  The mounting plate is now complete, the fan is attached, and the fan is wired up.  That's it at right, in place and ready to go. 

After I finished with that, I went to work spraying (for dandelions and other broad-leaf weeds).  Given that the dandelions in our front yard look like cabbages ready for harvest, it's about time!  But this is really the first day that weather allowed it.  I first did the (about) 3.5 acres of our yard, including the acre or so on the highway side of the irrigation canal.  Then I went over to our neighbor Alan L.'s house and did his (about) 2 acres.  This was after eating a “Debbie special” pasta lunch that nearly put me in a carb coma.  My sprayer is towed behind my ATV, so I had four hours worth of shaking and vibrating to help settle that lunch :)

Then after I knocked off for the day, our neighbors to the east of us (Gary and Elaine S.) called us to ask if we'd seen any goslings!  It seems that the pair that's been nesting in a tree near our house showed up at their pond, with just two goslings.  When I told them about the four that I'd captured, much excitement ensued until we figured out that the ones I caught were a lot older than the two they saw – the ones in their pond had pretty clearly just hatched, whereas the ones I captured were around two weeks old.  There really should be more than two of the little goslings, though, so we're all afraid something happened to the others on the way to Gary and Elaine's pond.  Their pond is over a quarter mile and across a highway from the nest – how the mom got even those two goslings over there is a mystery to us.  All the more so given that both Gary and I were in our yards working all day – it's hard to believe we'd miss the gosling procession!

Now Debbie and I are about to go deliver a lemon pie to Tim and Jeannie D.  Debbie baked two of them today, one for us (now almost gone, because Gary and Elaine had a piece :)  and one for Tim and Jeannie...

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