Thursday, April 21, 2016

Paradise ponders, even more...

Paradise ponders, even more...  Mo'i is still steadily declining; he's getting weaker by the hour.  He's gone from drinking 50 times a day to just once or twice, and from eating just about anything you throw at him to only being interested in a little bit of fatty raw hamburger.  If you know Mo'i at all, then you know this absence of appetite is a powerful indicator that he is hurting badly.  The one and only time this has happened before was over three years ago when he got “bloat” and we almost lost him.  The outcome isn't so likely to be good this time.  We have an appointment for him tomorrow evening with our vet, and I'm afraid there's a good chance he won't be coming home with us ever again.  As you might imagine, Debbie and I have been spending quite a bit of time with him...

Around noon today I went over to Tim D.'s house to spray his lawn.  I also sprayed part of his horse pasture (at his request), because there were a few million dandelions established there.

Later I worked a bit more on the insulated plenum.  I fabricated a piece of OSB for the top outside piece, and mounted the duct connector into it.  I used my scroll saw to cut that circle, and it went through that OSB like butter.  I also built a square box of 2x3s around the side you see in that first photo; that will allow air to enter the duct from a square hole on the inside piece.  For Eric S., who asked what I use for a straightedge: in that second photo you can see what it looks like right after I cut off a 16" wide piece.  The straightedge is a milled piece of walnut :)

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