Saturday, April 23, 2016

Paradise ponders, cont'd...

Paradise ponders, cont'd... Abby and I have finished her lesson for this week, and Debbie and I have been on a little shopping expedition (getting supplies for our road trip tomorrow). Here's the promised updates!

Yesterday's work out in the shed resulted in the interior “box” at right, on the bottom side of the top piece of the top side of the plenum I'm building (got that?).  Unseen in the photo are all the other pieces of 2x3 and OSB that I've cut to build the rest of the top.  A little bit of nailing and that will be finished.  Then all that remains for the plenum are the rails to hold the filter (also already cut) and the front cover.  After that's all finished I'll be wiring up the blower and testing it.

This morning was completely overcast, which makes for nice diffuse lighting for flower photography and saturated low-contrast landscapes, both interesting photographic effects.  So I wandered around our yard for a bit taking photos of springtime.  This was right after I filled all our bird feeders, and spotted a male Bullock's Oriole feeding at the feeder containing nuts and dried fruit.  Some samples:

Debbie and I are going to watch a movie (on Blu-Ray) this afternoon: Iron Man 3.  This will shock some people who know me :)  Even more shocking – we've already watched (and enjoyed) Iron Man and Iron Man 2.  These movies have no memorable characters, little real drama, implausible plots and technology, a bit of slapstick humor, tons of action, some pretty girls, and lots and lots of shoot-'em-up action that somehow all blends together into a somewhat mindless but very entertaining package.  Somehow that's just what we've needed the past few days... 

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