Thursday, March 17, 2016

Strange mail of the day...

Strange mail of the day...  This is something we just received via the U.S. Post Office.  It's most definitely not something we solicited.  There's no indication on it (at least, none that I can find) of who sent it.  There's nothing scary about the advice on it; it's basic “get ready for disaster” sort of things, except that they left out arming yourself (something that is usually part of the “prepper” dogma).  I'm left uncertain about the motives of the sender.

All that was surprising enough.  What I find even more surprising is that I can't find this text online!  It's not often I do a Google search and get zero results!

Anybody recognize this (click to embiggen), and can tell me who sent it and why?


  1. Call the Logan post office and ask who has Permit #21. That should do it.


  2. Well, that was a great idea! Unfortunately, it didn't end up helping :( The post office was more than happy to tell me exactly who that permit belonged to: Watkins Printing (a large local printer). But ... Watkins Printing sent out that mailer on behalf of a customer, and they won't reveal who that customer is.

    The Post Office told me they were being inundated with calls about this mailer, so apparently there are quite a few people savvier about the ways of the Post Office than I am. They were a little tired of getting these calls :) However, they told me they were referring every one of them to Watkins Printing. When I called Watkins Printing myself, as soon as I said why I was calling I was transferred to a manager named "Dennis". Dennis had obviously been schooled on exactly how to respond; he spoke mechanically and precisely, as if reading from a sheet of paper.

    I can't blame Watkins Printing for not wanting to reveal their customer's name. At the same time, I'd really like to know who sent this thing! So the search for answers is still on...