Friday, March 4, 2016

If you're interested in politics...

If you're interested in politics ... and you don't regularly read the Ace of Spades blog, you're missing a real treat.  Not only is it often wickedly funny, it's also chock-a-block full of excellent commentary, sharp observations, and much-needed political memory.  Here's an example from a post made last night, the tail end of a section about Donald Trump in a post grading the Republican candidates' performances in last night's debate:
His answers to questions about Trump University and the budget were somewhat uncomfortable to watch, in much the same way that it is uncomfortable to watch a bus full of circus clowns crash into a school for blind children and even worse the clowns were doing their "Gasoline Comedy" act that day and now all the blind children are on fire and the clowns are trying to squirt water on them with their stupid lapel-flowers but the flowers are just squirting out more gas and the children are crying tears of fire out of their Unseeing Dead Eyes and holy shit a couple of the clowns look like they have boners and they're chasing around the fiery blind children trying to rub up on them with these bobbling clown-boners with big red bulbs on their tips.

In other words, as Trump would say: Not the best. Really not terrific. A real mess!

Grade: I don't even know how to even start grading this. As far as a letter grade, I give a red X carved crudely through the face of a rotting pig with a bunch of stripper-glitter tossed on it.
At this point I consider Ace of Spades therapeutic – because the only sane thing to do in this election is to find some way to make it entertaining!

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