Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Devil-spawn in Paradise...

Devil-spawn in Paradise...  After having a nice cup of tea late this morning, I took my cup down to the kitchen sink and washed it out with hot water.  Well, I tried to – but there was no hot water!  After asking Debbie if she'd noticed the hot water wasn't working (no, she hadn't), I headed down to the basement to see what disaster had befallen our hot water heater.  At this point it's the only thing left in our “mechanical room” that hasn't been replaced, so my assumption was it had died.

On my way down the stairs, Debbie hollered down to ask if perchance the water was running in the cattery sink.  Why, yes it was.  It then turned out that Konani (our newest addition) had previously been suspected of turning on the faucets so he could play in the water.  Apparently he turned on the hot water this time – and drained the entire tank of hot water!

I thought of a way to kitten-proof the faucets, by strapping a bungee cord around the handles (first photo below).  I pulled out our container of bungees and went to work.  Meanwhile, Devil-spawn (aka Konani, second photo below) decided to spill the bungees onto the floor, and as fast as he could distribute them to the far corners of his universe.  This caused me to remember all sorts of words and terms that I have exercised only infrequently since leaving the U.S. Navy, lo these many moons ago.  I spent 10 seconds kitten-proofing the faucet, and 10 minutes gathering bungees, some of which were in the next zip code.  The whole time I was doing this, Devil-spawn was riding on my slipper, chewing and clawing as fast as he could.  I think he was trying to fell me.  My words, which would have scorched any mortal being, had no discernible effect on him.

Oh, and the hot water heater works just fine.


  1. Oh, yes, you have a new cat. :)

    I'm sorry to hear the report on Koa. I know these creatures are dear to you, even when they are stealing your hot water and trying to kill you.

  2. :) Oh, we are definitely guilty as charged!