Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A couple of busy days in Paradise...

A couple of busy days in Paradise...  Yesterday morning my brother Scott emailed with some not-so-great news.  He'd heard awful noises emanating from the basement, and subsequently he had no running water anywhere in the house.  It wasn't anything obvious like a circuit breaker.  I ran up to his cabin, found the pump controller, and it had a fault light showing.  But what did that light actually mean?  The well pump there was a type and brand unfamiliar to me.  The pump is made by Grundfos and is a variable speed type.  That means it varies it's speed as needed to keep the pressure steady no matter how much water is being drawn - and there is no conventional pressure tank.  I knew nothing about such systems, and had never heard of the brand.  So I did the obvious thing: I Googled it.  

A minute later I was talking with Matt, a very knowledgeable fellow who led us through some basic troubleshooting.  Shortly thereafter we decided we needed Matt to help us on site, so he threw some parts and tools into his truck and headed out to the cabin.  He got there around 2:30, diagnosed the problem as the pump within 15 minutes, and then got right to work pulling the old dead pump, replacing it with a shiny new one.  He'd brought all the needed parts, along with the right tools.  Long before nightfall he had the new pump running, the we'll head reassembled, and lovely water flowing in the house.  

Yet another stellar experience with a local craftsman...

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