Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Things I'd never heard of, part 9,442...

Things I'd never heard of, part 9,442...  There's a thing called an “escape room”, and they're all over the world.  There's even several near us.  They're a big, profitable business

The ones near us charge around $20 for the privilege of being locked in a room with a dozen or so strangers.  You have 90 minutes to collectively try to solve the puzzles and riddles in the room that will allow you to escape.  If you fail in that amount of time, they just let you out.  That's it – that's the entire “entertainment”.

I'm afraid this is (yet another) one of those things that I will never understand.  Why on earth would I pay $20 for something like that, when (for example) $20 worth of gas will take me to a wonderful place in nature, or when $20 each will buy Debbie and I a great meal at a local restaurant, or when $20 will buy me several great books, or when I can learn anything I want to learn for free on the Internet.  I just don't get it...

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