Friday, February 12, 2016

Sawed off in Paradise...

Sawed off in Paradise...  For about three hours this morning, we were cut off from the Internet  (“sawed off” in IT lingo).  Quite a bit of my morning routine revolves around the Internet (mainly email, Twitter, and news), so this was quite ... unsettling ... for me :)

The views outside our windows were quite beautiful this morning.  At right is the view to the north, toward our friend and neighbor Tim D.  I particularly liked the way the mountains looked, filtered through the haze.  Not ten minutes after I took this photo, that fog bank you can see in the background came down and engulfed us.  Now we're living in a sea of gray, with visibility down to under 100'.

Now I'm going to go catch up on things, as we have the Internet back.  Yay!

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