Friday, February 26, 2016

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  We had a late lunch yesterday at one of our favorite haunts: Jack's Wood-fired Oven.  The soup and pizza, were (as usual) delicious.  They had a new dessert, and after hearing it described we decided to try it.  They call it “zeppoti”, and so far as I can tell that's a name they made up.  No matter – it's great!  They take a bit of pizza dough, stretch it, slather on some Nutella, fold it over, bake it, sprinkle it with a little powdered sugar, and voila!  Zeppoti, which we disappeared quite quickly!  How could it be bad if it has Nutella on it?

Then we had an extra surprise: when I went to pay for the meal, the waitress brought us a check for $5 (the price of the dessert).  When I called her on the mistake, she said that our meal had already been paid for!  On walking into the restaurant, we were greeted by Lawrence W., the fellow who sold me my tractor nearly two years ago.  Turns out he bought our lunch and never said a word to us about it.  I've no idea why he did this, but it sure was a pleasant surprise!

Afterwards we went out to Hardware Ranch on our usual wildlife hunting excursion.  We saw plenty of deer and elk, but no moose.  On the dammed pond upstream from the Hyrum power station we saw three smallish swans feeding.  Beautiful birds, they were...

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