Thursday, February 18, 2016

I find it strangely satisfying...

I find it strangely satisfying ... to find that I still can do some challenging programming.  I've been working for about 50 days now, part time, on some blogging software.  This is a blog server with some specialized features that pander to my own desires, and also that can run several blogs ('cause one blog can't possibly be enough, can it?).

Today I just finished the first user interface component (a sign-in screen).  To make that work, a lot of server infrastructure had to work correctly.  And it did!  For those of you who aren't programmers, user interfaces are fiddly, picky things – and in addition, web user interfaces (which is what I'm doing) are full of quirks and bizarreness.  It's challenging even for the experts, and I am not expert on user interfaces.  So it's very satisfying to prove to myself that I can still do this, even with my vacuum tube nurtured ancient technology brain...

One of these fine days – at least a couple months off yet – I will be hosting all of my blogs on my new self-written server, running from a virtual machine in Amazon's cloud!

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