Friday, January 29, 2016

On Trump...

On Trump...  This is from a great piece by Megan McArdle:
But his endlessly convenient opinion shifts, on the very core issues his supporters care most about, ought also to signal that Donald Trump doesn’t care about you, either. He’s against outsourcing and immigration as long as that’s getting him votes. But if he can find a different coalition, he’ll happily abandon the current one in a flash. As he’ll need to, if he gets the nomination, and starts looking at the electoral math to take the general. Trump may set the land-speed record for a full 180, and his supporters will have little right to complain, given that his newfound attachment to conservative issues – including the ones he hammers most – is obviously weak and opportunistic.
It takes very little cynicism (I, for one, have more than the required minimum) to believe that her paragraph applies to nearly all politicians.

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  1. The problem with her article is that she doesn't call that out. It seems she is simply complaining about people turning to Trump, when the reality is that what she describes is nothing different than all of the other people we have elected. The appeal of Trump for some is his outspoken non-pc ways, for others the entertainment value, but for others it is that he isn't part of the establishment. Usually we are fed a few hand-picked candidates from each party that hardly differ from each other except in small degrees. How far to the left of the other guy can they get, or to the right in the case of the republicans, regardless of any previous positions they may have held. They all generally tow the party line because it is the DNC and RNC money and organization that they need to get elected. They all know it. Along comes Trump who's appeal is that he is decidedly not establishment. I already know what will happen should any of normal RNC field take the primary, they will immediately "pivot" to the middle in preparation for the general election and the others will suddenly start singing their praises instead of trashing them. Then, should they get elected, they will continue to bleed the country dry and will accomplish nearly nothing except by accident. In 4 - 8 years, the fed up population will swing to the other side again. As predictable as a pendulum. What I don't know, is what will happen if Trump gets the nomination... now that might actually be interesting.