Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ponders from the road...

Ponders from the road...  I'm in Albuquerque, New Mexico, tonight.  I just took a left turn :)

Yesterday afternoon, Debbie and I drove down to Salt Lake City to have dinner at the Red Iguana.  We've learned that if you get there before about 3 pm it's never crowded, and yesterday was no exception.  Learning from our past couple of visits, we ordered one of the specials: a skirt steak and shrimp, with tomatillo sauce.  It was superb!  The sauce was heavenly – these people know their sauces, that's for sure.  I had flan for dessert, and Debbie had hot rice pudding.  We went home with very happy tummies.  Also with a truck full of hooch – we stocked up at the giant state liquor store that's just down the road from the Red Iguana.

I left Paradise at just after 5 this morning, and I arrived at my motel in Albuquerque almost exactly 12 hours later.  I'm a little tired of driving :)  I did take some photos today, all from the truck as I was zooming along.  In order: (1) coming off the east side of Soldier Summit, not far from Carbon, (2) the La Sal Mountains, taken from about 15 miles south of Moab, (3) and (4) scenes from northern New Mexico, (5) the San Juan Mountains as seen from southern Colorado.  Tomorrow I head almost due east, and my trip will be almost entirely on I-40 – not nearly as interesting as today's drive...

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