Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pleasure centers...

Pleasure centers...  So far as I can tell, humans have just four sources of pleasure: food, sex, beauty, and showers.  I got to pondering about that this morning, and realized that nearly all of them can be paired with positive effect.  There are six possibilities, and the only one I can't immediately conjure up a good pairing for is a shower plus food.  That's a bit of a logistics challenge.  The rest of the pairings?  Oh, yeah, definitely pleasurable!

Well, then, what about the four possible triples?  Two of them include both food and showers, and for those two I really can't conjure up any viable examples.

Maybe my imagination just isn't up to the task :)


  1. Put instant coffee in a cup. Turn on shower. Insert cup. Voila! The bachelor's breakfast

  2. Where do cats and crossword puzzles fit?

  3. Cats? Beauty. Crossword puzzles? Hmmm...