Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  Yesterday was the “day of running around” for me; did lots of errands.  The most interesting one was meeting with Lane S. and his sidekick Pasquale, two general construction guys who did a lot of the interior work on our house in Paradise.  I met them up at my brother Scott's cabin in Newton, to talk over the first few fix-it tasks I've got for them there. 

The highest priority: replacing the two exterior doors.  Currently these are solid wood, single-pane glass models with no weather stripping.  They've warped so badly that one of them can no longer be opened by people of normal human strength (Scott has no problem, though, of course).  Lane recommended fiberglass-over-foam doors for their structural stability and high R-factor, in pre-hung frames.  Lane can't start on this for a couple of weeks, though.

Second priority: fixing the crummy, leaking shower in the second floor bathroom.  We're going to replace the existing plastic shower stall with a much nicer one made of cultured marble.  The new one will also be about 60% larger than the current one, making more effective use of the space.  At the same time, we're going to re-plumb the water supply and septic connections to the shower, which currently are visible on the ceiling of the laundry room.  These will be moved to much closer to the ceiling, and covered with a simple pine box that we can then finish to blend in more nicely with the log cabin's interior look.  Much better than a piece of 3" black ABS septic pipe on strap hangers :)

It was really nice just to see Lane and Pasquale again.  They were a lot of fun to work with on our home projects, and they were fun yesterday, too.

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