Monday, December 14, 2015

Back home!

Back home!  Scott and I arrived in Cache Valley yesterday afternoon.  We made the whole cross-country trip without any trouble at all.  The scene at right is from south of Moab, Utah, on the drive yesterday.

We knew that the weather forecast included significant snow for last night, so we decided to go first to Scott's cabin to disconnect the trailer and unload the back of the truck.  This will save us from having to maneuver the trailer when the ground is snow and ice covered.  In fact we got very little snow last night, but now they've changed the forecast to 5 - 8 inches of snow during the day today – so we're very glad we did that!

Today we'll be unloading his trailer and the inside of his truck, and starting to make the cabin livable.  I'm hoping we can install him there by the end of the day tomorrow (Tuesday), but it's entirely possible it will take a day or two longer...

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