Friday, November 13, 2015

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  Well, my tool storage issues have been completely solved.  Below you can see both of the cabinets I bought: one (oak) for my woodworking tools, the other (steel) for everything else.  I'm very pleased with both of them – they're very well made, extremely heavy duty, and should last me until the end of my days.  They're also very roomy – I won't even come close to filling these things up with the tools I own today, so I'll have plenty of room for the inevitable additions I'll make along the way.

The dogs and I are going to go for a walk in just a bit.  It's a gorgeous day outside – wall-to-wall sunshine, temperature in the high 40s, crisp and slightly breezy.

Last night I assembled a “janitorial” cabinet for Debbie, down in the cattery.  It's made of particle board and melamine, so it weighed a lot – 190 pounds, to be precise.  I took it out of the boxes upstairs, then carried it down in pieces.  Much easier and safer that way!  It assembled without a hitch except for the door handles (of which there are three).  These had several problems, all related to stripped threads.  Only one handle was actually ok; one was completely unusable.  This morning I emailed the company and asked for replacement parts.  An hour later I had my answer: they were on the way!  That's very nice service, if it proves to be accurate.

Not so pleasant was my experience yesterday with my welder.  It arrived (via Fedex freight), but ... the carton had a couple of holes that looked exactly like the tines of a forklift.  The driver and I removed the carton, and there was a great big gouge and dent in the (very heavy duty) steel case of the welder.  I thought on it for a bit, then decided to refuse delivery.  That means Fedex had to send the welder back to the factory, and I had to go deal with getting a replacement.  On the latter, I called this morning and discovered that the factory will do nothing until they receive the damaged welder, at which point they will credit me back what I've paid.  Then I can reorder, starting the entire process all over again.  There's nothing they're willing to do in order to speed that up.  Sheesh.  That means I won't get the welder for about two weeks...

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