Saturday, November 7, 2015

Jalapeno jelly and pickled beets...

Jalapeno jelly and pickled beets...  Debbie and I made 9 pints of jalapeno jelly this morning, doing the whole canning thing.  I'm not about to try that stuff, but Debbie (who tasted it) says it's good.  I guess that means “If you like battery acid...”  I cooked and diced the beets, which are delicious, then made the pickling solution, added 6 hard-boiled eggs and threw it in the refrigerator.  When I came in for lunch today, that's what I had –  and they were so delicious!

Most of my morning was taken up with helping Tim put up a couple hundred feet of barbed-wire fence, so that his horses can munch on the alfalfa field between our two houses (that field belongs to Tim).  That means for a month or so we'll have two horses hanging their heads over our backyard fence – Debbie's gonna love that!  Then I took my tractor over to Tim's and we finished up the Great Water Line Replacement Project.  It's now officially all done until next spring.  When some of the wetter soil dries out then, I'll come over and help him level those parts (where the leak was) mo' bettah.

Tim sent me home with two quarts of perfectly ripe cherry tomatoes.  Oh, boy!

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