Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Even more Paradise ponders...

Even more Paradise ponders...  Just a quick one – I've been working with Tim all day, and this old lad is tired!  Tim's trench is completely backfilled, but we haven't quite completed the cleanup work (that's made especially challenging as the entire length of the trench is through lawn, and we're trying to preserve the sod).  This afternoon, just when we thought the end was in sight, we discovered that we'd accidentally buried a wire that needs to be repaired.  That's shovel work to fix it, and once it dawned on us what we'd done, Tim looked at me and said “Tomorrow.  Let’s do it tomorrow!”  And who was I to object?

We worked hard today, both of us.  Lots of shovel work and sod-carrying.  We had an especially nice break in the middle of the day, though: Debbie drove into Tim's driveway with a tray full of homemade beef stew and just-out-of-the-oven cookies (oatmeal chocolate chip, with cranberries and orange peel).  The beef stew was piping hot and absolutely delicious – and for two old farts working out in the cold all morning, it's really hard to imagine what could have been better.  The look on Tim's face when he realized what Debbie had done was priceless :)

Now this ancient and very tired one is headed for bed...

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