Monday, November 30, 2015

“…destroyed its soul.”

“…destroyed its soul.”  If Britain's socialist trends herald the U.S.'s ... then this is what we have to look forward to:
The fact that more than half of Britain’s households, 13.7m, receive more in welfare benefits than they pay in taxes. The fact that this represents a rise from 45.9 per cent of households in 1997 to 51.5 per cent today. The fact that 20.3m families now receive some kind of state benefit. The fact that for 9.6m of these families, benefits account for more than half of their income. The fact that nearly five million people have their rent paid by the state. The fact that vast numbers of people, first through Incapacity Benefit and then through Employment Support Allowance, have been redefined by the state as ‘incapable’ — of work, of independence, of dignity, in effect — and have been put out to pasture. There are parts of Britain where a state-sanctioned culture of incapacity has deadened community spirit, destroyed its soul.
This is by Brendan O'Neill, who wants to blow up Britain's welfare system and start over.  Others (and perhaps him, as well) also want to blow up Britain's vaunted National Health Service.  Its dysfunctionality has been much on display this past year, and serves as a sobering example of where ObamaCare is headed unless our politicians work up the courage to kill it.

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