Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dinner in Paradise...

Dinner in Paradise...  Last night we had dinner at a restaurant in Logan that we've never tried: Le Nonne (which, apparently, is Italian for “The Grandmothers”).  Summary version: we're kicking ourselves for not having tried this before!

Our appetizer (left) was fresh ahi, raw, with asparagus and Parmesan cheese.  It was outstanding.  With it was a round of fresh Italian bread with a pesto topping, also outstanding (and refilled immediately when we finished the first two rounds).  My entree (middle) was thinly sliced pork “medallions” in a white wine reduction sauce – amongst the top five pork dishes I've ever had.  Debbie's entree (right) was fettuccine with a creamy, cheesy sauce, hunks of roasted garlic, and a pile of delicious mushrooms.  Her entree was suffused with an intense mushroom flavor, and my mouth is watering right now just remembering the couple of forkfuls I sampled.  Wonderful stuff, it was!  We ordered creme brulee for dessert, and I'm sad to say that it was our only disappointment.  It's not that it was bad – it wasn't – it just wasn't nearly as superlative as the rest of our meal had been.  It doesn't have either the egginess or the creaminess of a truly outstanding creme brulee.

The meal was a bit pricey, at least by Logan standards – we paid almost $90 including tip for the two of us.  That's over double the tab at any other place we frequent, and because of that we won't be coming here often.  But we will be back again, for sure!

When we got home we fed the dogs, and that reminded me to talk about the new food bowls we got for Race and Miki.  The two of them, but most especially Race, have a habit of gulping their food down just as fast as they can shovel it into their maws.  Race can do this so quickly that his throat gets clogged up, and he ends up spitting up a cup or so of food, then re-eating it – not the most pleasant thing to watch (or hear).  I stumbled across these food bowls on Amazon, designed to stop exactly that sort of gulping behavior.  The design looked plausible, and clever, so I bought two of them.

They work remarkably well!  Both Race and Miki now take longer to get their food in them than good old Slow Mo'i, who eats at the pace of a snail with arthritis.  No more gulping.  No more food spewing all over the place.  No more spitting up.  Recommended for anyone with gulping dog syndrome!

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