Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wild life in Paradise...

Wild life in Paradise...  Wildlife, that is.  Debbie and I took a big loop drive yesterday evening, up toward Hardware Ranch, then clockwise through Ant Flats, Eden, Liberty, over the mountains on a four-wheeling road to Avon, and back home.  The goal was wildlife spotting, and that we did: several deer (including three sets of twin fawns), an osprey, a bunch of cedar waxwings, a kingfisher, a blue heron, an unidentified bird the size and shape of a pheasant, but colored a mottled white and gray, lots of western bluebirds, swallows, a big trout (spotted by Debbie in a clear mountain stream), a perky mouse that ran across the road in front of us, and a peregrine falcon.  Not bad for one outing!

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