Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Morning in Paradise...

Morning in Paradise...  This morning Debbie had physical therapy for her lower back pain.  The doctor and the therapist (Wess G.) both told her that this lower back pain was a common consequence of having an injured knee.  Because she's walking cock-eyed now, and using crutches, her back muscles are all bent out of shape, and letting her know by screeching at her.  They didn't do what we expected, namely exercises.  Instead, they treated her back with TENS (electrical stimulus), heat, and ultrasound.  Debbie said she felt like a wet noodle when she was finished – but her back felt great!  We are going to try to do the TENS at home (we have a little machine for that), along with the heat.  If that doesn't work out, we'll schedule her for this therapy a couple times a week.

After we got home, the boys (Miki and Race) and I went for our walk, but much later (and warmer!) than usual.  The “feeling” about the walk was completely different than a walk in the early morning hours.  Very little wildlife was about.  Things looked hot and dry.  Dogly tongues were hanging.  We all like the early morning walks mo' bettah...

Debbie's doing a home exercise routine now, and when she's done we're headed up to Jack's for lunch.  Pizza and lemon cake, that's the ticket!

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