Sunday, September 20, 2015

Morning in Paradise...

Morning in Paradise...  Yesterday afternoon we decided to have an ice cream cone, so we hopped in the car and headed for the Aggie's Creamery.  Once again, great ice cream cones.  I also picked up a slab of their “Old Juniper” cheddar cheese: excellent, though I like the Aggiano better.  They're all out of that now, though, dang it.

The boys (Miki, Racer) and I took our usual morning walk today.  It was downright chilly – about 39°, and a little breeze.  Even marching up the hill I needed to keep my jacket zipped.  It was completely clear, visibility 50 miles+.  I took the photo at right from our front yard, looking out under our pine trees to the southwest.  Our alfalfa field (in the foreground) is looking very good, and ready to mow.  I expect Scott N. will do that over the next few days.  The mountains in the distance have a band of color low on their slopes – the fall color is showing nicely.

This afternoon we're going to head in that direction (southwest) over a four-wheel drive road to Mantua.  We did that drive a couple weeks ago and saw lots of peregrine falcons; today we hope to add fall color to that.  When we get to the end, we were planning on heading down to Maddox for a good meal – but they're closed on Sundays, dang it! 

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