Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Progress in Paradise...

Progress in Paradise...  Yesterday started out with a big step for Debbie: her first physical therapy after breaking her knee's “knuckle” in early June.  Seems like forever!  But there she was yesterday morning, hobbling into the physical therapy room at the clinic in Millville.  Wess, the therapist, was quite impressed with the extension (straightening) and flexion (bending) that Debbie demonstrated.  He pronounced it far better than he was expecting, and predicted that within 6 to 8 weeks she'd be walking normally again, including stairs.  He started her out on a set of exercises, emphasizing a stationary bicycle.  We're going to get one (on order already, actually) so she can do this as often as possible, as Wess told us it was one of the best possible exercises to get her quads back into shape.  From my perspective, it was really good to see her start to do some of the things that she's been unable to for almost three months now...

In the early afternoon I took Debbie up to get her hair and nails done.  I dropped her off and ran a couple errands myself, then came back and waited for her.  “Waited” is the important word in that sentence.  It took four and a half hours for the crew to finish working on her.  I've never watched this process before, and I'd prefer never to watch it again.  The intermediate steps are ... somewhat disturbing.  At one point her head looked like something out of a cheap science fiction horror movie, with layers of tin foil, foul-smelling liquid drizzling, and a distinct vapor trail following her anywhere she went.  I spent the time reading a book I'd just received.  The book was excellent (I've nearly finished it) and will be the subject of another post.

Today we'll be gone most of the day, on a sight-seeing and recreational eating trip.  We'll be circumnavigating Bear Lake (30 miles or so northeast of Logan) and eating along its shores.  While we're out enjoying ourselves, two of our dogs (Mo'i and Miki, field spaniels extraordinaire) will be in the torture chamber, having their hair cut.  We expect them to forgive us in the early evening, right around their supper time :)

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