Thursday, August 13, 2015

Morning walk in Paradise...

Morning walk in Paradise...  Miki, Race, and I started quite early this morning, with just a little glow in the sky.  By the time we got to the end of our walk, and it was time to turn around, the entire eastern sky was lit up and we had plenty of light to see.  I set my iPhone to take time-lapse video, and we all walked down.  The result is at right, after YouTube stabilized it.  It's certainly not the best video in the world, but it does give you a good idea what one way (down!) on our normal walk looks like (except that it takes 30 seconds instead of 20 minutes!).  It also shows you, right at the end, just how close our home is to this walk.

It was a clear, crisp morning here; not a cloud in the sky.  I'd been up a bit earlier, hoping to see some of the Perseid meteor shower, but had no luck on that.  They must be avoiding northern Utah for some reason :)  We were so early that other than a few flitting birds we didn't see any animal life at all, though we certainly heard a lot of bird chatter on the way back.

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