Sunday, August 2, 2015

Early morning in Paradise...

Early morning in Paradise...  Last night, just after we'd gone to bed, we noticed a car pulling into our driveway.  This is a most unusual event, and suspecting something was badly wrong somewhere, I jumped up, pulled on some clothes, and got to the door just as our guests arrived.
It wasn't anything wrong after all, thankfully.  Instead, it was one of our neighbors (Maria Scott.) with three of her kids (Sarah, Abby, and Nicholas) – and a plate full of cinnamon rolls!  I covered the rolls and then we all talked for a while; a pleasant and neighborly affair.  Only after they left did I notice there was a thank-you card left with the rolls (inside at left).  Debbie was a little disappointed to see that it was addressed only to me, but it's easy to see why: they see me nearly every day, and have since the middle of last year.  Debbie, to them, is nearly mythical.  At first I just talked about her, as she was still in California.  Then after she joined me up here, she's spent several months – more than half her time here! – confined to bed with her injuries.  So the family has only even met her two or three times, despite us having been here for so long.

I'm not entirely sure what prompted this, but it is awfully nice to know your neighbors don't regret your existence (as all our neighbors did, we've learned, regret the proximity of the previous owner of our home!).  Debbie and I cherish these neighbors of ours, so it's very much a mutual admiration society.  It so comfortable being immersed in a community like this, where everyone helps each other out, appreciates each other, and works together to address challenges.  So, so different than California...

So this morning we had homemade cinnamon rolls with our coffee and tea.  Yum!

We love living here!

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