Monday, August 3, 2015

Climate change alarmism...

Climate change alarmism...  This sort of thing is in the media all the time, but this particular one caught my eye.  The writer is trying to scare the public into thinking that climate change is threatening future supplies of coffee.  Oh, noz!  My morning cup is doomed?  Better support [insert wealth redistribution scheme] to fight climate change!

The wonderful thing about the mainstream media (the BBC in this case) is that they see no need to base their assertions on that pesky old reality, and especially not on anything as boring as “facts”.  Even the most cursory investigation would have shown them that worldwide coffee production has been increasing quite steadily for over 500 years, including in recent years when you'd think they'd be negatively affected by climate change.

Their “concern” is entirely made up.  It's bullshit with a veneer of self-righteousness, coolness, and sophistication.

But it's still bullshit.

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