Thursday, July 2, 2015

Morning in Paradise...

Morning in Paradise...  Two of the dogs (Miki and Race) and I took a brisk morning walk just after 5 am this morning.  Mo'i can only walk about a half mile before he starts getting tired, but without him we did just over a mile (each way) this morning.

It was a beautiful morning, cool and crisp.  A full moon hung over the Wellsville Mountains to our west, with wispy little clouds occasionally scudding across its orb.  When we set out, the first hints of dawn showed over the Wasatch Mountains to our east.  By the time we came back, we had a gorgeous sunrise behind us, which I kept stopping to spin about and look at.  We passed barley fields that in the space of a single day had their crowns turn from green to brown.  In another day or two, the entire plants will be brown, and it will be time to harvest it.

We also passed a very active striped skunk in a recently mowed alfalfa field just south of the road we were walking on.  Though the skunk got to within about 20' of us, the two dogs never saw it.  It was downwind, so they couldn't smell it either.  That skunk was moving faster than I've ever seen a skunk move before, foraging for bugs and whatever else that skunks eat.  It was headed straight for us, and showed no signs of hesitating – so I hurried the mutts along to get out of its way.  Sure enough, just 30 seconds or so after we zoomed by it, it crossed the road behind us. 

Photos taken along the way:

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