Thursday, July 16, 2015

Limited blogging alert!

Limited blogging alert!  Today is Debbie's big day with the doctors – the follow-up after six weeks (!) of no weight bearing on her knee.  We're hoping she gets clearance to bear weight, so she can start hobbling around on her own (with a walker) and start physical therapy.

I had my first visit with our new GP yesterday.  I liked her, rather a lot, actually.  Great straightforward conversation, no punches pulled, no hesitation answering questions.  For example, I asked her how one could tell the difference between ordinary age-related memory problems and Alzheimer's memory problems.  She had a one word answer: “Autopsy.”  I like this lady :)  One thing I asked her about was some difficulty I've noted with my right shoulder in certain (not common) positions.  She diagnosed it (in about 20 seconds) as a rotator cuff muscle problem and sentenced me to prescribed physical therapy, which she's confident will fix it.  I start next Thursday.

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