Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dog ramps in Paradise...

Dog ramps in Paradise...  At right is the ramp, installed over the stairs outside our back door.  I put the final (top side) paint on it this morning, and then installed it late this afternoon.  Actually installing it was a bit anticlimactic – it all just worked.  I'd adjusted the adjustable feet to my calculated height before moving it out of the shed – and that turned out to be perfect.

We made a test run, and Mo'i went down it directly, no prompting.  It was clearly much easier for him to navigate the ramp than the stairs.  Going back up was less obvious to him, but once I guided him up the beginning of it he easily ambled up the rest of it.  Again, the ramp was much easier for him than trying to get up the stairs.

I'll count that as a dog ramp success!

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