Wednesday, July 29, 2015

198.6 in Paradise...

198.6 in Paradise...  That's a milestone of sorts for me – first time under 200 pounds in ... a very long time.  I weigh myself every few days, and for the past several months it's bounced around between 201 and 206, so this isn't a big change.  It may well go back up again.  Still, it's very nice to see that first digit be a “1”.  That represents about a 30% drop in weight.

I'm not doing anything special to try to lose weight.  My diet hasn't really changed; in fact, if anything, I'm eating more than I used to.  My level of physical activity has definitely gone way up since April 2014, when we bought our new home.  As my condition gets better, my activity increases.  Hopefully that's the source of my weight loss, and not a tapeworm :)

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