Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Paradise progress...

Paradise progress...  Debbie's still doing fine.  We've got a followup appointment with her orthopedist in two weeks, and we're both hoping that the level of pain and sensitivity has gone way down by then.

Today has been a day of chores and running around for me.  Mostly little things, but I did get the screen replaced in the screen door of our kitchen.  Replacement was necessitated by Race running straight through the old one to get outside, as though it wasn't even there.  One second we had a nice, taut screen door; the next second the screen was flapping in the breeze and Race was a mere dot in the corner of the yard.  Sigh.  I ran to Home Depot, got some “pet proof” screen and an expanded metal grille for the bottom half of the door.  I spent the best part of the day removing the screen door, cleaning out all the old screen (the rubber spline had become one with the frame), stretching and splining the new screen, installing the grille, and finally reinstalling the door. Every single step of the way something went wrong, of course.  There was much Navy-learned language employed; the box elder bugs all ran away and the dogs were blushing.

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