Thursday, June 25, 2015

Evening in Paradise...

Evening in Paradise...  Just got back from an evening walk with da boyz (our three dogs).  It's just starting to cool off the tiniest bit, down to 92° from the high of 95°.  I must be getting used to this – I worked outside nearly all day, and didn't really get overheated (though I certainly took things slowly!). 

Walking back toward home on our walk, downhill, we were looking directly into the sun.  The irrigation systems were all nicely backlit, and stood out all the way across the valley.  You can't really see the distant ones in this photo, though I could see them clearly with my Mark I eyeballs. 

The sprinklers next to the road misted us in three separate places, and that felt good to all of us.  Miki (our smart little guy) figured it out after two sprinklers, and planted himself firmly in place on the third.  He stayed there, eyes closed, for four sprinkler rotations.  By that time he was nicely wetted, which would have cooled him nicely.  Meanwhile, Race and Mo'i got as far away from the water as the leash would let them, and looked at Miki as though he had lost his dogly mind :)

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