Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Progress in Paradise...

Progress in Paradise...  Not much, really.  The wet weather today kept me from working outside, so I had a day of (physical) recovery indoors.  I kept myself busy catching up on all the bills, receipts, etc. that seem to pile up at a breakneck pace.  Debbie's still feeling puny from the cold she's caught, though it looks like she's on the downhill side of it.

We did take an early evening drive out to Porcupine Reservoir.  With the dramatic stormy skies, spots of sunlight, and the lush green of the fields and hills, it was very pretty.  The reservoir's level is distinctly higher; it's now within 24 or 30 inches of spilling over.  Better late than never!  We didn't see any loons, but did see a solitary Sandhill crane, a boatload of mallard pairs, and two terns doing their fancy flying while looking for fish.  Lots of horse and goat babies all along the drive.

I just got back from a walk along the dirt road east of us, with all three dogs.  The rains today brought the worms up, and a platoon of robins was feasting on them.  I'm sure they're all feeding some hungry babies.  This made them bolder than usual; several times we walked up to within about four feet of a robin tussling with an uncooperative worm (not my photo, but the same idea).  In the end, the robin would always decide that risking an encounter with three slavering dogs and a weird human was too high a price to pay for a juicy worm that would momentarily satiate their basically insatiable chick...

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